How To Choose the Right Drafter for Your Project 

Glazing Contractors: If you’re new to Drafting Marketplace, there's a strong chance that you're also new to having diverse options when choosing a drafter to work on your project. Since drafters don’t have to be in your local area to see your project, you have the opportunity to choose the drafter who is best for your project. But how do you decide? If you’re struggling to choose between this drafter and that one, we’ve compiled some handy suggestions for criteria to consider.



Drafters competing for your project is a good thing for your budget. Cost is probably your first instinct when filtering through bids, and it should be a factor when choosing a drafter. You know what your budget looks like and how to prioritize this item, but remember that the lowest bid isn’t always the best fit.



Depending on the difficulty of the project, experience could be a key factor for successful completion and minimal corrections. When weighing options, glazing contractors should definitely consider how much drafting experience is ideal for the kind of work they’re requesting. Common, bread-and-butter projects won’t demand as much experience, but uniquely challenging ones will merit more.


Lead Time

Certainly your timeline is also an important consideration for choosing the right drafter. Double check the bid for information that might position one drafter as a better fit to your timeline than another. 



Until now, you may not have had clear red flags or green flags for drafters you want to hire. Maybe word-of-mouth was helpful at one point, but it’s not a consistent stream of information. The review process on Drafting Marketplace provides that kind of information. Compare drafters' overall rating and reviews to make a more informed choice. 


Drawing Style

With drawing examples on drafters' profiles, you get a little preview of the kind of work they produce. Visiting the profiles of drafters who bid on your project and exploring the drawing style and details of previous projects can be an invaluable strategy for finding the perfect fit for you and your clients. 



Specialization is a similar consideration to experience, but with different implications. Plenty of drafters have experience, but finding ones who have a specialized understanding of a particular process or need for your project is like striking gold. They have capabilities that are not only more advanced and innovative, but are also likely to save your project time in the long run. 


What do you think? We want you to feel confident that you know how to choose the right drafter for your project. Did we miss anything? What other concerns do you have?  Let us know!