What are Window Shop Drawings?

If you’re in the glazing business, then you’ve surely heard of window shop drawings. But what exactly are they? Simply put, window shop drawings are specific diagrams used to show how windows and doors will look when installed into a building. Every detail is included, from dimensions and angles to types of materials. While every window shop drawing will be different depending on the project at hand, there are some common elements that every drafter should include. Let’s take a closer look!

What to Include in a Window Shop Drawing

Window shop drawings are extremely detailed documents meant to provide glazing contractors with all the information they need for installation. Drafters need to ensure each drawing includes all the necessary details so that no element is left out or misinterpreted. 

Some key features that should always be present in a window shop drawing include:

Dimensions and Angles: This includes width and height measurements as well as any other relevant angles associated with the window or door frame.

Materials: The type of material being used in the construction of the window or door must also be included in the diagram. This could include wood, metal, glass, and more.

Hardware: Any hardware associated with the project should also be included in the diagram for clarity purposes. This could include bolts, screws, hinges, latches, etc.

Accessories: If any accessories are needed for installation (e.g., weatherstripping), these should also be documented in the same diagram for easy reference by everyone involved in the project.

Sealing: Lastly, any relevant sealing components should be noted on the diagram so that contractors understand what type of sealant needs to be used when installing these particular windows or doors.

When creating a window shop drawing it is important to remember that accuracy is key; if even one detail is incorrect it could result in costly mistakes down the line! Therefore it is wise to double-check your work before submitting your draft for review by a supervisor or client.

Window shop drawings provide an important service within the glazing industry by providing clear diagrams outlining how windows and doors will look when constructed within a building structure. It is essential that drafters take their time creating these documents so that all details are accounted for and represented accurately; this way everyone involved can have full confidence knowing exactly what materials need to be used and how those materials need to fit together during assembly/installation stages of any given project. 

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