Blind Date with a Drafter: Meet Eric, A Drafting Specialist

Yes, we matchmakers here at Drafting Marketplace are keeping busy. We've already set you up on blind dates with Joe Paisano and Nick McGowan, but now we want to introduce you to Eric Barilar, the drafting specialist with project management flair. Get to know him through today's interview: 


Beyond what's in the video, Eric gave a shoutout to free tools like Cometdocs and for making his processes easier.

He argued that communication is the key to good business in this realm, and stressed the importance of asking questions on both sides of the project, rather than pretending or assuming that you understand what the other party needs. 

"Longer projects... I'm doing check-ins. I'm sending progress sets saying, 'is this the direction you want to keep going?'"

When discussing his process, Eric suggested that flat price-per-page structures are a good guideline, but don't always benefit the drafter or the contractor because limited budgets can often result in more work from the drafter and significantly reduced readability and clarity due to squishing too much on each page. He believes in delivering functional and comprehensive shop drawings, no matter how many pages it takes. 

"I'm not going to crowd the detail. I'm not going to make one drawing do way too much work." 

So which will it be, folks? Will you give your project to the professional drafter #1, the driven drafter #2, or the specialist drafter #3? 

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