How To Get Better Shop Drawings on Drafting Marketplace

The Scene: A trendy, upscale restaurant. Real flowers and candles on the table. The light thump of New Age music. 
“How’s everything tasting?”
“It’s fine, but I thought the appetizer would come with bacon. It’s just not what I was hoping for.” The customer tries to conceal his frown. Wanting to deliver the best possible experience, the server makes an apology and heads to the kitchen. 
“I didn’t realize the customer wanted bacon. Can you remake this before the entrees are up?” The cook sighs and nods, strips of bacon slap then sizzle on the grill. The second appetizer pleases the customer, and little harm has been done. Until the main course… 
“This isn’t what I ordered. I wanted the Curtain Wall Deluxe. Where's the cheese and the Low-E coating?”
“Oh no. It sounds like you were actually after the Curtain Wall Supreme. That's an extra $100, but I can get it right out if that's what you want.” 
“Fine, but we've got a movie to catch, so please hurry.” 
In the kitchen again, the server gives an apologetic look to the cook. “Can you rush a Curtain Wall Supreme?” Eye contact for a beat. “Please?” The cook snatches the unwanted plate and starts into his work. 
The evening is frustrating for everyone. The customer isn’t getting what he wants, and he's faced with a longer wait and a larger bill than he originally expected. The cook's having to re-do work as well as crunch his usual process to rush other work, making his job more stressful. And the server's in the middle, receiving the brunt of the anger from the others, and sometimes a poor review, when they weren’t given all the information they needed. 
Does this situation feel familiar? Lately we've heard a sentiment from architects, contractors, and drafters alike that communication surrounding projects has gotten more cumbersome and inefficient. One might say it feels very “shoot first, ask questions later,” where projects are so rushed through production, they're missing key information or components. In these situations, architects aren’t getting what they want, drafters have to deliver multiple resubmittals, costing them time and money, and contractors are in the middle, getting more stressed with each additional step.  
At its core, this is a problem of information: not finding it, not having it, not communicating it. Whether it’s because we’re rushing or forgetful, at some point along the lines, important info isn’t being passed from one person to the next. But what's to be done? 
Drafting Marketplace is here to help. Our platform gives that subtle nudge for folks like the customer to read the menu a little closer and make sure they know what they want to eat, or for folks like the server to ask an additional question or two about what’s needed before sending the work off to the next person. We prompt for a little additional information up-front, to save everyone a lot of stress down the line. The end result is a smoother project with clearer timelines and fewer resubmittals. And, in the event that a resubmittal occurs—because nobody's perfect—that process is significantly easier because people aren't already worn out with the back-and-forth, and because all information and documents are housed in one convenient location. Overall, better shop drawings with less hassle. That's what makes Drafting Marketplace the site where drafters, engineers, and glazing contractors actually get work done. 
So regardless of whether you dip your pizza in ranch or top it with pineapple, we're not judging; we just want you to get exactly what you're craving. If you're hungry for that kind of service and want to learn more, here's the menu.