Where Are Tyler And Brandon? On Their Way to GlassBuild 2023.

Drafting Marketplace founders Tyler Faulk and Brandon Bellegarde have been traveling a ton this year with the aims of meeting community members, learning their needs, and sharing this cool thing of ours. Despite the miles covered from Lunch & Learn demos, to workshop tours at industry hubs like Dallas Flat Glass and FPG, their spirits remain high. You might think that this kind of constant travel from A to B would leave them both exhausted and ready to strangle each other--and perhaps it does--but you'd never know it from their ever-jovial demeanor. Always joking, always smiling, always throwing ideas around and quickly snatching them back up. Oh, and let's not forget that they even take time document their trips... with some of the most wonderfully awkward photos we've ever seen. Here are just a few of the highlights: 


Yes, if you haven't been following their escapades on social media (and seriously, why not?), this intense travel schedule and the resulting photos inspired our creation of two unique hashtags:  #WhereAreTylerAndBrandon   and  #AwkwardTravelPics

Of course, as these words are written, the next leg of their journey is beginning. The bags are being packed, the overalls are being snapped, the car is filled with snacks, and you also have a task. Sorry, we can't resist a fun rhyme. It's nearly time for GlassBuild 2023, and we need your help. We want to flood these hashtags with images to honor the hard work Tyler and Brandon have put into their travels to build the marketplace. So if you see them from across the room, snap a shot and throw it on #WhereAreTylerAndBrandon for some Where's-Waldo-style fun. Better yet, if you're close enough to strike an awkward pose with them, share it on that one and #AwkwardTravelPics. 

Of course, you may remember there's one event where you're guaranteed to spot them both. We're super excited to see them officially accept the Glass Magazine R&D Award for 2023, just one year after the official launch of the platform. It's an exciting manifestation of all their hard work into physical form. So please join us in celebrating Tyler and Brandon and acknowledging not just their commitment to the marketplace but also the joy they bring to each pit stop along the way. Genuinely, in their world, every mile is an adventure, every moment a memory, and every awkward pose a glimpse of the strange spirit and teamwork that fuels Drafting Marketplace. Follow along, join the fun, and let's make GlassBuild 2023 unforgettable. We'll see you there!