Behind-the-Scenes Shop Tour: Knowledge and Expertise at FPG

At Drafting Marketplace, we're constantly seeking opportunities to expand the marketplace and the information we share on the Drafting Table blog. That’s why we were ecstatic to take a behind-the-scenes shop tour of the impressive Fabricated Products Group (FPG) workshop. Here’s what we saw:


Expertise Beyond Measure

What stood out to us the most about the folks at FPG was their wealth of professional knowledge and expertise. Each individual exhibited a profound understanding of their craft, from the nuances of different materials to the techniques that ensure flawless execution. Every team-member we interacted with was more than willing to talk shop and show off their skills. 


Incredible Versatility

Walking into what was once a facility used for the construction of press brakes and heavy steel fabrications in the 1950s, one has an immediate sense that this is, and always has been, a place where hard work gets done and cool things get made, but the setup these days is much more versatile. Brandon and Tyler were struck by the array of projects in progress, each a unique testament to the endless possibilities of fabrication. From their specialization in sunshades and mesh systems to their custom fabrication work, FPG's portfolio of creations spans the entire nation and showcases a stunning breadth of skills. It truly is a case of “if you can imagine it, they can create it.”


Machinery of the Future

Of course, there were so many interesting gadgets that help make this work possible. From shears and brakes to (literally) cutting-edge waterjet systems and advanced CNC machines, every tool was honed to precision and working in harmony to bring FPG’s clients’ visions to life. Seeing it in action left us with an electric excitement for the future of fabrication, where creativity and technology merge seamlessly to shape the extraordinary. When backed by the knowledge and expertise of their team, these technological advancements mean quick turn-around times, too.


Beyond the Workshop

After the tour concluded, Dan Shields, president of FPG, extended a generous invitation to the Drafting Marketplace team to join him for drinks somewhere a bit unexpected. At Dan's home bar, which boasts exquisite design and a well-stocked collection, we got to share stories and libations with some incredible people, from Cameron Post, David Woody, and Russ Enzenbacher on the FPG team, to Colby Esesnther and Brendan Nolan of Tuschall Engineering, to Shawn Bowman of IdeaSeat and Teva Majchrzak of G3 Construction Group. It was an exciting night and a powerful act of hospitality that will not soon be forgotten.


Overall, this was an incredible experience that left us awestruck by the sheer versatility of creations, cutting-edge machinery, and the depth of professional knowledge and expertise housed within FPG's walls. We're not just inspired by what we saw; we're motivated to channel this inspiration into our own work, pushing the boundaries of design and functionality. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Dan Shields and the entire FPG team for sharing their world with us and inviting us to share in theirs.