Innovative Product Solutions: From Demos to Dallas Shop Tours

Fairly recently, we shared our excitement about going to Dallas to speak with the North Texas Glass Association for a Lunch & Learn demo event, but little did we know the additional opportunities that were coming our way. It was a day for sharing innovative product solutions across the board.


For starters, the Lunch & Learn event was good fun. We met at the PGP Design Center, in the design district of Dallas, provided a tasty lunch from Firehouse Subs, answered questions, and gave a demo of the Drafting Marketplace functionality. It was good conversation and an easy atmosphere. The folks in Dallas also got a sneak peek at the engineering functionality before it was live. That’s a big perk of booking demos like this; we love to talk about what we are working on.


After the demo was wrapped up, we got to follow-up on some connections we made at TexPo. We were invited to come take a tour of the Dallas Flat Glass and Excel Glass Systems facilities, and we are so glad we did. Shoutout to Kristina for making this happen. From the moment we stepped through their doors, we were captivated by the warm welcome, meticulous organization, and unwavering dedication to precision that permeated every space. From hearing Jim’s total enthusiasm for brake metal, to looking through albums of past work and accomplishments, to Robert’s unhurried, welcoming attitude and a tempering area so hot it almost killed Tyler, two things were quite clear. Firstly, their willingness to fling open their doors and extend a warm welcome to outsiders, even those donning overalls like Brandon, reflects an unparalleled spirit of camaraderie. We couldn’t appreciate it more. Secondly, these professionals exude a palpable sense of pride in their craft, epitomizing the essence of craftsmanship and dedication.


And they have a lot to be proud of. We were struck by the magnitude of the work they do, and by how clean and organized the whole operation is, despite being quite complex. Even within the administrative realm, the robust system of checks, balances, and meticulous quality assurances showcased an unwavering commitment to precision, which surely their clients appreciate as well. We were only disappointed Tom wasn’t there, so we’ll have to come back to chat with him sometime. 

Screenshot 2023-08-28 at 7.40.01 AM

And so, with fond waves goodbye for now, it’s back on the road again. Such is the life when you're in the throes of building a marketplace like ours. We’ll keep looking for innovative product solutions to showcase and/or implement. In the meantime, check out our calendar to see if we're available to give a demo at your event.