Lunch and Learn with the North Texas Glass Association

Tyler and Brandon have been traveling a lot lately. Not your ordinary roadtrips, either. They may look like fun and games, but these guys are always working. What’s all this travel about, you say?

They’re building the marketplace and stirring up interest in the platform, of course, but they’re also listening to your requests, ideas, and concerns. They’re strategizing about what’s needed and where. And they’re leading demonstrations and explaining features. Did you know they do that?

This week, for example, they’ll be traveling to Dallas to talk with the folks at the North Texas Glass Association. They’ll give a Drafting Marketplace presentation and demo during the Lunch and Learn event, and afterwards, they’ll be available to chat with drafters and glazing contractors about what they think and need.

If you’re in the Dallas area, come out at 11:30am on July 19th to the PGP Design Center for the North Texas Glass Association’s Lunch and Learn event.

If you’re not in Dallas but still want to chat with Tyler and Brandon or arrange a presentation, you can book a demo or contact us right through Drafting Marketplace.

It’s all about building and connecting this community of ours. We’ll see you there.

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