New Feature: Mark-Up a PDF on Drafting Marketplace

Glazing contractors, drafters, and engineers, we have a quick announcement that we think you’ll want to hear. We’re rolling out another new feature that allows users to mark-up a PDF directly in Drafting Marketplace.

We’ve probably all been in the situation where we need to make some kind of document adjustment, but the process is not only time-consuming, it’s straight-up annoying. The journey from first downloading or finding the file, to opening it in an editing program, marking it up, then re-sharing it with teammates takes too many steps for what are often quite simple edits. At Drafting Marketplace, we don’t want to spend our time that way, and we know you don’t either. Now you don’t have to.

Built right into the user interface, this new feature enables glazing contractors, drafters, and engineers alike to not only view the PDFs associated with each of their projects, but to make suggestions and edits using a number of convenient methods as well. Whether you prefer the precision of typed-out text bubbles and comments or the expressiveness of hand-drawn symbols and notes, you can do that. You can even mix and match them and play with colors and sizing. Once you’re finished with your mark-up, the file is instantly delivered to the inbox of your recipient without any uploads, downloads, or additional software. No more searching for files in your crowded “downloads” folder, and no more embarrassment after emailing people and realizing you forgot the attachment. At least not with your work on Drafting Marketplace. We’ve got you covered.

So, whether you're a glazing contractor ensuring every detail is flawless, a meticulous drafter leaving no stone unturned, or an innovative engineer driving progress, you can mark-up a PDF. Our team has crafted this feature with you in mind. Your work thrives on collaboration, innovation, and efficiency, and we're dedicated to providing you with the tools that embody these ideals. 

In case you haven’t checked in with us lately, this is just one of many important announcements we’ve made over the past few weeks. We’ve been busy with lots of travel, awards, and new features, and we don’t plan on stopping here. Let us know what you hope to see next.