Meet Your New Matchmaker: Drafting Marketplace


Contractor Seeking Experienced Companion

I’m a contractor of 17 years trying to find my perfect match— a drafter. Having some years of experience on the market, it’s true I’ve been with a few others in the past, but all my experience has helped me learn more about myself and what I’m looking for in the perfect person.

My ideal drafter: 

  • Hardworking & committed
  • Has to have the gift of gab (specifically, good at talking to all parties involved in a project)
  • Needs good time management skills
  • Must be detail oriented— it’s the little things, y’know?
  • Isn’t afraid to get creative ;)
  • A glorious beard is desired, but not required


Drafter Searching for Committed (Working) Relationship 

Hi! I’m a drafter with over 20 years of experience, and I’ve just gotten out of a 10 year, 3 month, 1 week, 2 day long relationship with my last contractor. I’m looking to form a new relationship where both parties feel valued, seen, and respected. I’m creative, attentive, and committed to doing my best. 

Here’s what I’m looking for in my next contractor:

  • Experienced
  • Shares my interests, like the type of project I like to work on, for example.
  • Good communicator— I’m not a mind reader!
  • Has the money to support my ideal lifestyle (aka pays well, and in a timely fashion)

You see it, right? These two would make a great pair. We know because at Drafting Marketplace, bringing folks like these together is pretty much our whole deal. 

The Matchmaking Methodology of Drafting Marketplace

Our company was designed to combat the feast-or-famine nature of our industry by bringing together contractors, drafters, and engineers all in one place. Not only that, our site also allows users to have more control over their schedule, easier access to industry experts, and quicker payment for complete projects. 

Another great feature of Drafting Marketplace is our rating system. After a project is complete, all parties have a chance to rate one another. This is an excellent way to track the quality and satisfaction of everyone’s performance. With this system, plus the ability to check all bids for the most qualified candidate, we hope to make messy relationships and jilted partners a thing of the past.

Are you looking for your perfect match? Sign up and start looking today!