Submitting Payment to Drafters & Engineers on Drafting Marketplace

After approving a submission for a project that was completed by a drafter, now it’s time to submit the payment for their work.

Here's How to Submit Payment on Drafting Marketplace

When you click the Approve Submission button on a project, you’ll be redirected to the Checkout page. Here’s where you’ll see a summary of the charges from the drafter or engineer, as well as the 5% Drafting Marketplace fee that’s charged for each project. An example is shown below:

To complete a payment, read the Terms and Conditions and then check the “I agree to the Terms and Conditions” box. 

Next to the payment Summary section is the Payment Method form. This form will autofill with the Payment Method you set up when completing your Drafting Marketplace profile. Choose the payment method you’d like to use from the dropdown menu, then click the Process Payment button.

After clicking the Process Payment button, you’ll receive a confirmation message, such as shown below:

Once the payment is processed, you’ll need to leave a review of the drafter, and the drafter will need to leave a review of you. Learn more about reviews here.

And that’s it - that’s how to submit a payment through Drafting Marketplace!