Approving or Requesting Revisions of a Completed Job

So, you’ve posted a project on Drafting Marketplace. The drafter has done all of the work and has submitted it to you via the platform. What’s the next step? Well, you can either approve the completed project and pay the drafter, or you can request a revision.

Approving a Project Submission

First, login to your Drafting Marketplace account. Then, navigate to the Open Projects tab on your main dashboard.

The Open Projects tab will show a list of all of your posted projects that are currently being worked on by a drafter. Find the project that you to review, and click the Approve Submission button as shown below:

Once you click the Approve Submission button, you’ll be taken to the Activity Feed on the Project Details page. Here you can view the activity, messages, and submitted project files from the drafter. You will also see the following message and the option to Request a Revision or Approve Submission:

To approve the submission, simply click the Approve Submission button. 

Requesting a Revision on a Project Submission

To request a revision, click the Request a Revision button instead of the Approve Submission button. This will bring up a text box where you can request the changes you’d like for the drafter to make. Enter all of the information you’d like to have changed, and then click the Submit Revision Request button.

After clicking the Submit Revision Request button, a confirmation message will pop up. To move forward with the submission, please click OK.

Once you click OK, a Success message will show, such as pictured below:

All revisions requests will show up in the Activity Feed on the Project Details page and will appear like this:

See how simple it is to approve or request a revision for a project? Drafting Marketplace is here to make your life easier!