How Glazing Contractors Post & Edit Projects on Drafting Marketplace

Are you a glazing contractor who needs help from a drafter on a project? Then Drafting Marketplace is the perfect place for you! Posting projects on our platform is easy - and editing them is even easier. If you’re ready to start posting projects, then follow this simple guide.

Creating a Project 

To begin creating a project on Drafting Marketplace login to your main dashboard. Then, click the Post a Project icon on the navigation menu on the left side of your screen.  

Clicking the Post a Project button will take you to the Post a Project form. This form will ask you to fill out the following fields, listed in the order they appear:

  • Project Name
  • Architect Name
  • Requested date of completion
  • Product Info: The easiest way to submit project info is by uploading a project quote, but users also have the option to manually fill out the form. 
  • Product Type
  • Special Instructions: Use this area for job specific comment pertaining to installation procedure, specific requirements, or any other additional notes
  • Project Files: Submit your architectural drawings and any additional project files by uploading your files or pasting a link 
  • Project Visibility: Choose to set your project as either private or public

Sending Projects to Favorites

At the bottom of the Post a Project form, you’ll notice a button that says Send to Favorites?  


This button allows you to select drafters that you’ve saved as favorites to send this project to directly. When you send a project to a drafter through this method, it will show up in their Bid Requests tab in their dashboard. 

Saving & Posting Projects

There’s a difference between saving a project and posting it. By clicking the Save button, you can save the changes you’ve made as a draft to come back to later if you’re not ready to post the project. 

When you save a project but don’t publish it, it will appear under the Needs to be Posted tab on your main dashboard.  

However, if you decide you’re ready to post, click the Post this Project button instead. Once you click it, you’ll receive this message: 

After confirming that you’re certainly ready to post the project, click OK. Then, you’ll receive this message on your screen: 

Once you click OK, you’ll be directed to the project detail page.

Click here to learn more about project detail pages.

Editing a Project

Editing a project on Drafting Marketplace is simple. First, find the project you want to edit by navigating to the main dashboard. If the project that you want to edit is posted, click on the Receiving Bids tab. If it hasn’t been posted but has been saved, click the Needs to be Posted tab.

Once you navigate to the correct tab, simply scroll to the project you want to edit and click on the name of it. This will take you to the Project Details page.

At the top right corner of the Project Details page, you’ll see this box: 

Click the Edit link and this will open the Edit Project Details page where you can make any changes you need to make to your project. When you’re done, click the Save Changes button to save immediately, or the Preview button to see what your changes will look like before saving. 

And that’s it! That’s how glazing contractors can create, post, edit, and send projects to their favorite drafters. Isn’t Drafting Marketplace convenient and easy to use?