Completing a Job & Submitting an Invoice on Drafting Marketplace

So, you’ve been selected for a drafting or engineering job by a glazing contractor through Drafting Marketplace. That’s awesome! But how do you go about completing a job and submitting an invoice through our platform? We’ll walk you through it.

Completing a Project

To work on a project that you’ve been selected for, head on over to your main dashboard in Drafting Marketplace. Click the Open Projects tab and you’ll see a list of projects that you’ve been chosen to work on. 

Click the Start Working button on the project that you want to begin working on.

After confirming that you want to begin working on the project, you’ll be taken to the Project Details page for the selected project. Here’s where drafters will find all the information about the project, including the glazing contractor company & name, due date, architect’s name, and more. Drafters may also find any project files here as well.

Click here to learn more about Project Detail pages.

Once you’ve successfully completed the work for a project, you may submit your work either through the dashboard or through the Project Details page.

Submitting Work through the Dashboard

To submit your work directly from your main dashboard, click the Open Projects tab.  

Click the Submit Work button. This will take users to the Post Comment box at the bottom of the Project Details page. 

Here’s where you can leave any comments for the glazing contractor as well as attach the files for your project. When you’re ready to submit, simply toggle the button on the top right and it will change the form to look like this:

When you’ve confirmed that you’ve attached all necessary files, click the Submit Project button. 

Once you click submit, a confirmation box will pop up.

Click yes to move forward and you’ll receive a success message.

Click OK to start the invoice submission process.

Submitting an Invoice

Now that you’ve completed a project and have submitted your final work, it’s time to send out an invoice to the glazing contractor. Drafters and engineers may start the process of submitting an invoice by navigating to the main dashboard in Drafting Marketplace. Then, click the Open Projects tab. Here you’ll find a list of your current projects. Scroll to the project you’d like to submit an invoice for and click the Submit Invoice button as shown below. 

Once you click the Submit Invoice button, you’ll be taken to the Edit Invoice page. 

The top right of the invoice features the order number as well as the date the invoice is being issued. 

Under that, you’ll see the Contractor Details and the Drafter/Engineer Details. Please verify that  you’re submitting your invoice to the individual before proceeding.

Below those details, users will see the invoice form that they may edit with the Description, Price, Quantity, and Total for the project. At first, this area will appear blank, as shown below: 

Once you fill out all relevant fields with your services, the total  will automatically calculate at the bottom, such as shown here: 

Once you’ve verified that all the information that’s been entered is correct, scroll down to the bottom. Here you’ll see this Ready to Submit? section.  

Click the Submit button to send your invoice to the glazing contractor.

Viewing Invoices in the Payment Center

After submitting your invoice, you’ll be redirected to the Payment Center. The Payment Center can also be accessed by clicking the Payment Center icon on the navigation menu on the left side of your screen. 

The Payment Center is where drafters may view any Unpaid Invoices, Paid Invoices, as well as an activity feed that provides updates on invoice submissions and payments.

Leaving a Review

After the glazing contractor has paid you for the project, make your way to the Open Projects tab on your main dashboard. Scroll down to the project, and you’ll notice that the status is marked as Paid and that there’s a Leave a Review button. Both the drafter and the glazing contractor must leave a review before the project is officially complete.

Learn more about leaving reviews here.

Once both parties have left a review, a project is completed. And that’s it - that’s how to complete a project and submit an invoice in Drafting Marketplace!